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  • 468 N Camden Drive Suite 200 Beverly Hills CA 90210
  • First Name:
  • Age: 46
  • Taurus
  • 245847, Virginia 
    United States
  • Model
  • Caucasion
  • Straight Female Looking
  • for Males within 150 Miles
  • 6'1" in/185 cm
  • 123 lbs.
  • Single, 0 Kids
Who I Want To Meet
Type of person I want to meet:Successful Female
Attractive Female
Age:27-55 y/o
Location:Anywhere in the world
Height:4'10" in/147 cm or below - 6'5" in/195 cm
Minimum income:No Preference
Minimum net worth:No Preference

I do enjoy baking a cake or cookies when the mood strikes this is the real reason I learned to cook anything to begin with. I play ice hockey any position but goalie, soccer oddly enough, goalie, and have started taking Tae Kwon Do classes several days a week.

I bring out the best in people and always make them smile and feel good. I am confident and know what I want in life. I am a happy, funny, calm, balanced and hard working man. I have a big heart, good morals and integrity enough self-description for one day. I rather have my actions do the talking.

I really like fitness and martial arts, traveling the world and finding about new lands and cultures. I have no kids but my family (mother and brother) are big in my life and they are everything to me.

Description Of Who I Want To Meet

I am looking for an intelligent, nice and attractive woman with a good and honest understanding of who she really is. A woman who will be up for almost anything and who is open to letting me learn about her and who will be open to learning all about me. Also the ability to have deep intellectual conversations and a great sense of humor is must.